Local Groups / DSCs

DSCs (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives) are groups of volunteers who organise local DiEM25 events and actions. Anyone can start a DSC and start to promote DiEM25 locally, with only few, common-sense rules on how to use the DiEM25 name.

Groups that are in contact with DiEM25 are:

Country Group Information Contact email
Sydney1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Linz 1 DSC Facebook mailto:
Vienna 1 DSC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
Vorarlberg 1 DSC [email protected]
Antwerpen1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Belgium NC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Brussels 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Gent 1 DSC Facebook mailto:
Province de Luxembourg1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Sofia 1 DSC [email protected]
Rijeka 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Zagreb 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Paphos 1 DSC [email protected]
Czech Republic Facebook [email protected]
Ostravsko 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Prague 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
České Budějovice 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Copenhagen 1 DSC Homepage Facebook mailto:
Viborg DSC Facebook [email protected]
Helsinki 1 DSC [email protected]
Lille 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Lyon 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Montpellier 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
NC France Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Nice 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Paris 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Aachen 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Augsburg 1 DSC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
Berlin 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Bonn 1 DSC Twitter [email protected]
Bremen 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Darmstadt 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Dortmund 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Dresden 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Düsseldorf 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Frankfurt a.M. 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Freiburg 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
German NC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Goettingen 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Hamburg 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Karlsruhe 1 DSC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
Kassel 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Köln 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Leipzig 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Mainz 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Mittelbaden 1 DSC Homepage [email protected]
Mittelhessen 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
München 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Münster 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Niederbayern 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Nürnberg / Franken DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Ostwestfalen-Lippe 1 DSC [email protected]
Potsdam 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Regensburg 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Stuttgart 1 DSC [email protected]
Trier 1 DSC [email protected]
Wiesbaden 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Aegina 1 DSC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
Agrinio1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Athens 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Athens 2 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Athens 3 Exarcheia DSC Facebook [email protected]
Greek National Collective Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Ioannina1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Kavala1 DSC [email protected]
Patras 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Thessaloniki 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Thessaloniki 2 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Thessaloniki 3 DSC [email protected]
diem25&Mera25 Facebook [email protected]
diem25&Mera25 Facebook [email protected]
diem25&Mera25 Facebook [email protected]
diem25&Mera25 Facebook [email protected]
diem25&Mera25 Facebook [email protected]
lefkas DSC 1 Facebook [email protected]
Budapest 1 DSC [email protected]
Dublin 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Augusta 1 DSC [email protected]
Bari 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Bari 2 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Bologna 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Bologna 3 DSC [email protected]
Cagliari 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
CarpiModena1 DSC [email protected]
Como 1 DSC [email protected]
Firenze 1 DSC [email protected]
Forlì1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Italian National Collective Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Lanciano 1 DSC [email protected]
Lecce 2 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Milano 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Napoli 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Padova 1 DSC pa[email protected]
Padova2 DSC [email protected]
Palermo 2 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Perugia 1 DSC [email protected]
RivadelGarda1 DSC [email protected]
Roma 1 DSC [email protected]
Roma 2 DSC [email protected]
Roma 3 DSC [email protected]
Taranto 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Torino 2 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Treviso 1 DSC [email protected]
Trieste 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Udine1 DSC [email protected]
Veneto Orientale 1 DSC [email protected]
Venezia 1 DSC [email protected]
Verona 1 DSC [email protected]
Vicenza 1 DSC [email protected]
Prishtina1 DSC [email protected]
Luxembourg 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Luxembourg Sud1 DSC [email protected]
Amsterdam 1 DSC [email protected]
Dutch National Collective Twitter [email protected]
Utrecht 1 DSC [email protected]
North Macedonia
Bitola1DSC [email protected]
Skopje1DSC [email protected]
Oslo 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Gdańsk 1 DSC [email protected]
Katowice 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Legionowo 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Olsztyn 1 DSC [email protected]
Torun 1 DSC [email protected]
Warsaw 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Wroclaw 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Faro 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Lisbon 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Oeiras 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Porto 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Portuguese NC Facebook [email protected]
Bucharest 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Cluj-Napoca1DSC Facebook [email protected]
Belgrade 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Novi Sad1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Bratislava 1 DSC [email protected]
Ljubljana 1 DSC [email protected]
Maribor 1 DSC [email protected]
Andalucia 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Aragon 1 DSC [email protected]
Asturies 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Barcelona 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Barcelona 2 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Cerdanyola 1 DSC Twitter [email protected]
Euskadi 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Galicia 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Gran Canaria 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
Madrid 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
País Valencià1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Spanish National Collective Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Lund1dsc [email protected]
Stockholm 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Uppsala1dsc [email protected]
Zürich 1 DSC [email protected]
Istanbul1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Izmir 2 DSC [email protected]
Izmir1 DSC Homepage Twitter [email protected]
Kyiv DSC Facebook [email protected]
United Kingdom
Belfast 1 DSC Twitter Facebook mailto:
Belfast 2 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Cymru 1 DSC Homepage Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Glasgow 1 DSC [email protected]
Isle of Wight1 DSC [email protected]
London 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Manchester 1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Newcastle 1 DSC Facebook [email protected]
North London 1 DSC [email protected]
North Staffordshire1 DSC [email protected]
Nottingham 1 DSC Facebook mailto:
Oxford1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]
Sheffield1 DSC [email protected]
South London 1 DSC [email protected]
UK NC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
Wellingborough 1 DSC Homepage Facebook [email protected]
United States
NYC1 DSC Twitter Facebook [email protected]

More groups and local DiEM25 members can be found via the forum.

If you want to start a group in your town, write to [email protected].